Really liked the International Screen Awards. Excellent communication, very professional and they gave me an award :-) Thank you!
- Gal Le Cornec (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Submitting to this festival is a must! It's a European venue with the possibilty of films being recognized and rewarded in specific genres which is great.
I highly recommend.
- Pascaline Bellegarde (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Happy, touched and honored to receive this prestigious award from your festival. Greetings from Italy
- Demetrio Casile (five stars in FilmFreeway)

It's always great to be included in a festival and receive an award--but it's even better when the festival such as Pacific Screen Awards has such great communication and keeps everyone feeling like they are part of the festival even when in another part of the world. Thank you for allowing my screenplay to be part of it! 
- Jake Teeny (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Great festival! it's just beginning but you are already fully professional film festival. Thank you very much.
-  JAROSLAW GOGOLIN (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Great new festival for unusual, independent films by new voices. Thank you for including me and for your feedback.
-  Kate Davis (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Thank you very much for the selections and the treatment! Thank you
- Reyes Caballero (five stars in FilmFreeway)

I was happy to be part of this amazing festival! Also because the Jury has high standards and the many chances to win awards.
Thank you very much for your award and wish you all the best during corona times.
- Machiel van den Heuvel (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Honored to have won a golden award! Great communication. Love being apart of it! Thank you so much!!!
- Cydney Cochrane (five stars in FilmFreeway)

good communication, hospitality and very friedly Festival Team! Thank you!
- Nicolai Tegeler (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Honored to be awarded on the American Screen Awards! Great communication and professional crew.
- Roberto Jabor  (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Thank you American Screen Awards festival for selecting and awarding script Jesus God - Jesus Man.
Wishing you continued success.
- Goldie Smitlener (five stars in FilmFreeway)

We were honored to be part of this festival and to have received an award. Thank you!
- Mimi Garrard  (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Great festival!! Very professional!! Thank you for giving opportunity to indie filmmakers from around the World!
- JAROSLAW GOGOLIN (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Professional festival, I like it. Good communication.
- Pozsgai Zsolt (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Our film "Lost in Space" is officially selected. Lost in Space has won an Accolade award and 27 other IMDb awards with 1 nomination.
We are happy it also made the "official selection list" at Asia Screen Awards
- Shihyun Wang (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Our film, "HE TOO" & "SOLACE BY THE SEA" is selected and it is an honor to be selected at this film festival.
"HE TOO" has won many Accolade awards and nomination.
I am happy we made it to the "official selection list" at Asia Screen Awards. Thank you so much. Peace
- Jyoti Singh (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Muy agradecida por estar en su festival!
Very grateful for being at your festival! Thank you)
- Reyes Coballero (five stars in FilmFreeway)

This festival is unique due to the fact that it represents an opportunity to unite East, West and Africa. Bravo!!! Good luck!!!
- Shamil Aliyev (five stars in FilmFreeway)

I was not able to attend unfortunately. Festival has good reputation.
- Mimi Garrard (five stars in FilmFreeway)

A pleasure to be at your festival! Thank you
- Reyes Caballero (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Thank you very much European Screen Awards for accepting and awarding Jesus God -Jesus Man, Silver award..
I would recommend European Screen Awards to anyone. Keep up the good work.
- Goldie Smitlener (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Great to be part of the festival and the communication element was very good. Keep up the good work
- Billy Cotsis (five stars in FilmFreeway)

I would like to thank the jury of the European Screen Awards film festival for awarding my film titled "...whiter than snow" with the silver Award. I intend to re-apply my next films.
- Sypros Vrettos (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your notice that my film is PLATINUM AWARD for the competiotion I am very glad about it. I wish success to the wonderful festival!
Thank you Festival Team. Great team, excellent communication.
Thanks for the wonderful certificate.
Best regards
- FRANC KOPIC, Maribor, Slovenia - a little but beautiful country in Europe.  (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Thank you for exposing our documentary to a wider audience
- Chris & Maurice Micallef, CMM PRODUCTIONS, MALTA (five stars in FilmFreeway)

amazing opportunity to be a part of this great festival
- Amanda Fleming (five stars in FilmFreeway)

This is a great festival, and we are honored to have been a part of it!
- Dawn Gifford Engle, Director and Writer, "The Dalai Lama -- Scientist"  (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Thanks to this festival for selecting my film and for your professional undertaking .
- Dr. Teresa Mular (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Thank for the Awards of Recognition in Performance for our short film "Pas an". More power!
 - Jek Jumawan (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Great Festival. I have had the honour to receive two awards! Thanks Pacific Screen Awards!
- Roberto Jabor (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Hello festival
It is my honour to be accepted into your festival. Thank you very much for that.
- Goldie Smitlener

I am very happy, that my script got a nice award. The communication was very good, lets see each other in Bali, in the awards ceremony. Thanks again! 
- Pozsgai Zsolt (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Well organized and very well communicated Festival event.
- Mukesh Asopa (five stars in FilmFreeway)

Thank you Pacific Screen Awards for honoring me and selecting Jesus God - Jesus Man script into your festival, and awarding it an award.
I wish you very successful festivals and promoting films and scripts.
- Goldie Smitlener (five stars in FilmFreeway)